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FBD punching shear reinforcement

FBD punching shear reinforcement is used to increase the load-bearing capacity of flat floors and concrete sections at risk of cracking. This product transfers shear forces in reinforced concrete floor slabs and in slabs and footings at point supports to increase the punching shear strength.

FBD stud location in the floor slab
FBD stud location in footings and slabs

FBD punching shear reinforcement consists of steel studs with disc-shaped heads at both ends, which are connected by one or two bars or flat bars (mounting strips). FBD studs are made of ribbed bars with a ductility class B or C according to Eurocode 2. The characteristic yield point fyk ≥ 500 MPa, and the characteristic tensile strength is fuk ≥ 550 MPa. The mounting bars have a diameter of ɸ 4 – 10 mm and are made of plain or ribbed steel.

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