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About us

The origins of the company date back to 1998, when our company were established. Intensive development of the company could be seen from the beginning of its existence. The first important step was the development of the sales network. Modern technologies and solutions, well-known at that time in Western Europe, quickly became popular in our country. In April 2009, in order to commence the stock exchange the company changed its legal form and became a joint-stock company.
In April 2013, the company made its debut on the NewConnect market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Long-term development strategy assumed the company’s expansion into foreign markets, and for this purpose company needed a new name and logo of a global nature. Therefore, in 2015 changed its name to FORBUILD. Evidence of continued dynamic growth is a steady increase in enterprise value. Currently company has well established position on the Polish market and employs about 200 employees.

FORBUILD supplies the construction industry with materials, products, and construction equipment of the highest quality. We constantly broaden and adjust our offer to the changing market so as to meet the demands of the current and future clients. We supply highly technologically advanced products used in the construction of complex engineering facilities and structures. We are constantly expanding our offer with basic products needed at every construction site. This is undoubtedly an advantage for our clients who expect comprehensive services and a limited number of suppliers.

The business pursued by FORBUILD covers four main categories: production, sale, lease of equipment, and installation services with regard to our own products and offered technologies. Our products are used in most sectors of the construction industry, ranging from the protection of the environment, through the industry, infrastructure, and commercial & service and office construction. The current commercial and service nature of the company, thanks to the financial resources obtained on the issuance of shares, gradually changes to a production, commercial and service profile. Nowadays, own production constitutes about 30% in the sales structure of the company.

The key products of FORBUILD include: BINDAX bendable reinforcement system, FORTEC threaded reinforcement system, balcony connectors, formwork accessories, as well as products and equipment for the construction of bridges. Expansion joint systems and sealing systems are of a special importance in our range of products. The company deals also with equipment lease, with the SECUMAX edge safety system of our design, intended for temporary edge protection at building edges protecting people against falling from heights. 

The introduction of advanced and innovative technological solutions to the construction market resulted in the need to form professional installation crews. Their formation complemented and broadened the company’s offer. At present, our crews provide services on the installation of the sealing systems on the largest construction sites throughout Poland.

We are currently pursuing commercial activity in 5 branches: North-Western, Northern, Central-Eastern, Southern and South-Western. Apart from the main warehouse in the town of Końskie, we have offices and regional warehouses in Warsaw, Gdańsk, Sosnowiec and Poznań. A well-developed sales network enables us to have better contact with the clients, respond to their needs on an ongoing basis, and fulfil orders faster.  In addition to the development of the domestic sales network, we formed a separate Export Department and an Investment Execution Department, which was the result of an increasing number of executed installation orders.

Our aim is to provide high quality products and services which are backed by tests, certificates, and technical approvals. We have been implementing new ideas and solutions for years, and the effect of which is our own products with registered utility and industrial models.

We do our best to make sure that our clients are always provided with professional support. Quality control and professional assistance provided by the engineers of the Technical Support and Design Department makes our clients see us as a reliable partner. At FORBUILD you will always find a person willing to cooperate.

We provide technology, experience, and high quality. 
Building with us ensures success.

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