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Equipment rental

Responding to numerous queries of our customers, the company FORBUILD SA had decided a few years ago to create a rental warehouse for construction and OHS equipment. A broad number of customers has up to this point bestowed their trust upon us, among them, the largest construction companies in Poland. Presently, we offer options of rental of:

  • assembly carriages,
  • SECUMAX edge protection system components,
  • unloading platforms,
  • aerial transport platforms.

Constant development is our motto, and hence, we always strive to develop and perfect the product range – so as to secure our partners’ needs in as complete a way as possible.

Any questions?
Do you want to place an order?

Contact our Sales Representative or Technical Advisor. Their knowledge and experience will allow to select an appropriate solution.


Secumax edge safety system

Please feel free to make use of possibilities which to the extent of Safety at Work can give you the protection on the edge system SECUMAX. Safety of people is priceless – it is better to care for it before any accident happens.

We invite you to make use of the solutions offered by our SECUMAX edge protection equipment.

Unloading platforms

The unloading platform greatly facilitates transport of materials between the individual levels of a building or structure. It allows personnel to markedly reduce loading and unloading times at the various structure levels.

For your disposal, as far as the unloading platforms are concerned, are the specialists – Commercial Representatives and Technical Consultants. Their knowledge and experience should allow you to
choose appropriate solution for your current requirements.

We invite you to make use of the option of rental of our type 2200 unloading platform.

Alsipercha protection system

A security system for belaying during floor formwork and reinforcement works in which there is a risk of falling from a height. It consists of a crane inserted into a bushing em­bedded in a pole (immediately after pouring concrete), to which a self-locking device located above the user’s head is attached.

Mounting trolleys

We offer assembly carriage rental. The equipment may be delivered to your construction site within 48 hours from order placement. The carriage is delivered in components assembled by an appropriately trained and authorised representative of FORBUILD SA.

The ordering party is tasked with ensuring a crane for assembly as well as an appropriate ladder to safely descend from the surface, where the carriage runs, to the working platform. A user transfer protocol for the assembly carriage is drawn up, stating information about the carriage components and their condition, the place of assembly, and the user data. Carriage reconstruction and its deassembly are conducted in a similar fashion. The customer is obliged to inform about such a need ahead of time.

We shall provide all necessary information as to the conditions and costs related to the rental and delivery of equipment to your construction site.
Our Technical Advisor deals with technical services for assembly carriage rental as well as advise on the usability of the machines in terms of their dimensions and assembly options.

Aerial transport platforms

They make it possible to carry out assembly works in hard to reach places. The scope of work and passenger transport is limited only by the reach and access of the crane. They are made of certified steel, rolled sheet and closed profiles for high strength and stiffness at minimum weight.

The basic goal in designing a passenger transport bin was the safety of its personnel during transport or assembly work. In accordance with the recommendations of the Office of Technical Inspection for the operation of the crane with hook-mounted moving basket, it is equipped with the following elements to protect the health and life of employees:
Anchor points for fastening belts and harnesses
Platform bortnice and stoppers protect workers feet from injuries
Contrast orange color provides a very good view of the trash on the construction site
The barrier design protects the staffs of the staff and the gate has a snap lock secured against accidental opening.
The roof construction protects workers against objects that may fall down in advance
Certified, four-string chain suspension.