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Our history is connected with the German company Betomax GmbH – we share a common origin, the first products, and traditional cooperation. A landmark moment for the development of the company was changing the name to FORBUILD.

Below, starting from 1998, you will find the milestones in the development of our company.


Founding of the company Betomax Kunststoff und Metallwarenfabrik GmbH
Own production of first products in the form of spacers and formwork accessories.


Establishment of BETOMAX Polska Sp. z o.o.
With the following persons as its founders: Betomax Kunststoff und Metallwarenfabrik GmbH with its CEO Wolfgang Scheurer, Lech Pasturczak, Stanisław Pargieła, Andrzej Pargieła, and Artur Mączyński.


Commencement of cooperation with DEFLEX Fugensysteme GmbH

The introduction of expansion profiles that carry heavy loads which are, at the same time, tight and do not distort the aesthetics of the facilities.


Change of the company’s legal form

The development of company’s business results in the need to change the limited liability company legal form to a joint-stock company.


Obtaining a permit to engage in business activity within the “Starachowice” Special Economic Zone
BETOMAX Polska S.A. establishes cooperation and commences its business activity within the “Starachowice” Special Economic Zone.


Establishment of a branch office in Gdańsk

The establishment of an additional branch office and warehouse improves the company’s logistics capacities in order to provide better service to our clients in the Tri-City area.


Establishment of a branch office in Kolonia Warszawska
In order to quickly respond to the needs of a demanding market of a large agglomeration, the company opened an additional warehouse with office facilities.


Initial public offering
BETOMAX Polska S.A. subjects itself to market to verification and commences its activity on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. On 04 April 2013, the company makes its debut on the NewConnect market. 2 million “C” series allotment certificates were provided for trading.


Acquisition of Stalmax, moving and developing the production in the “Starachowice” Special Economic Zone
Betomax Polska S.A. acquires STALMAX. This project is a continuation of the development strategy of the company and the fulfilment of the most important share issue objective.


Acquisition of Pamexpol
This transaction is the first step to building a strong group of companies from the metal and construction industry under the Betomax brand. Pamexpol brand, which is recognisable and has a good reputation in its segment, is maintained.


Establishment of a branch office in Sosnowiec
The dynamic development of the company makes it necessary to open another branch in Poland.


Change of the company’s name

Betomax Polska changes its name to FORBUILD. The company continues its development by itself and enters the international markets with its products and services.


Establishment of a branch office in Poznań
The fourth branch was established to ensure greater product availability, faster logistics and better service for customers from northwestern Poland.