Our installation teams provide:

  • surface insulation in the form of heavy insulation made of mineral bentonite and geotextile mats IZOTEX under the foundations of buildings and on external walls of buildings located below ground level, as well as as as sealing of infrastructural objects, e.g.: dikes, landfills, flood polders, etc,
  • sealing of working and expansion gaps with BESAPLAST sealing strips and pipes and working gaps with the KAB 125 and KAB 150 integrated swelling insert,
  • sealing of working breaks in concreting using FORBENT S and FORBENT G intumescent strips,
  • sealing of the working gaps in concreting by using VB sealing sheets,
  • installation of the injection hoses and contact injection, as well as spot injection of cracks and leakage points,
  • tightly closed passages after the shuttering leaves in K-22 and FB-22 systems.