Mounting trolleys

We offer assembly carriage rental. The equipment may be delivered to your construction site within 48 hours from order placement. The carriage is delivered in components assembled by an appropriately trained and authorised representative of FORBUILD SA.

The ordering party is tasked with ensuring a crane for assembly as well as an appropriate ladder to safely descend from the surface, where the carriage runs, to the working platform. A user transfer protocol for the assembly carriage is drawn up, stating information about the carriage components and their condition, the place of assembly, and the user data. Carriage reconstruction and its deassembly are conducted in a similar fashion. The customer is obliged to inform about such a need ahead of time.

We shall provide all necessary information as to the conditions and costs related to the rental and delivery of equipment to your construction site.
Our Technical Advisor deals with technical services for assembly carriage rental as well as advise on the usability of the machines in terms of their dimensions and assembly options.