Aerial transport platforms

They make it possible to carry out assembly works in hard to reach places. The scope of work and passenger transport is limited only by the reach and access of the crane. They are made of certified steel, rolled sheet and closed profiles for high strength and stiffness at minimum weight.

The basic goal in designing a passenger transport bin was the safety of its personnel during transport or assembly work. In accordance with the recommendations of the Office of Technical Inspection for the operation of the crane with hook-mounted moving basket, it is equipped with the following elements to protect the health and life of employees:
Anchor points for fastening belts and harnesses
Platform bortnice and stoppers protect workers feet from injuries
Contrast orange color provides a very good view of the trash on the construction site
The barrier design protects the staffs of the staff and the gate has a snap lock secured against accidental opening.
The roof construction protects workers against objects that may fall down in advance
Certified, four-string chain suspension.